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Yes, local support available for questions and technical problems
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Merritt is a cost-effective repository service that lets the UC community manage, archive, and share its valuable digital content. Merritt is an excellent option for users that would like to programmatically submit their data to a trusted, UC-supported data repository. Use Merritt to provide long-term preservation of digital assets, share your research with others, or meet the data sharing and preservation requirements of a grant-funded project. Users can programmatically submit digital objects either one-by-one or in batches using the Merritt API, or if your digital objects are formatted using the METS encoding standard, you can easily single or multiple objects using the Merritt METS Feeder. For users that would like a point-and-click interface for depositing data into Merritt, we recommend users take advantage of DASH, which sits on top of Merritt and provides a toolkit for managing, openly publishing, and effectively describing data for access and reuse.