Data Transfer

We help move data between the tools/platforms we support in Research IT as well as provide guidance on how to transfer between institutions or from external data providers.  

As you move data from acquisition/instrumentation to storage, and between storage and computing environments, frequent questions emerge such as: How can I push large volumes to the cloud? Run analysis on it from there? What about securing my data? Can I create an archive of the data accumulating on my lab computers? Depending on the scale of the data and one's technical comfort level, the "best" approach might range from a desktop application, a command-line client, an API-based software development kit, or a software-defined network. If you have these, or other data transfer questions, we are here to help.

As part of Research IT, the RDM Program supports use of Globus on campus as well as other data transfer software commonly used at UC Berkeley. For more detailed information, see our documentation about Data Transfer