Data Sharing

We assist with the planning and development of research workflows that allow research teams to fulfill their data sharing needs -- whether internally or externally with partners and/or research sponsors. 

Sharing well-documented data in an accessible way -- during as well as post a research study/project -- is important across the UC Berkeley research landscape. It promotes collaboration, facilitates reproducibility, and makes you a more competitive researcher by sustaining your data’s impact. Communicating about data sharing early on in the project lifecycle is a critical step in research data management planning. Other decisions, like selecting appropriate metadata standards, file formats, and repositories may all hinge on the choices you make regarding when, how and with whom you share your data. If your research is supported by a federal agency funding source (e.g., National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health), you may be required to share your data. 

We work closely with the Library Data Services Program to support use of the UC data repository Dryad