Data Storage & Backup

At UC Berkeley, you have both cloud and “on prem” options when it comes to storage and backup -- we provide guidance and recommendations on campus supported solutions depending on the needs of the research data and team.

Data are invaluable research materials and products, and getting data is hard work. Your data is expensive and most often, irreplaceable. For these reasons, data storage and backup are critical aspects of working with research data. As part of our work with data classification & security, we also can help determine how different solutions for data storage and backup fit with the classification level of your research data (as defined by the UC Berkeley Data Classification Standard).

In Research IT, both the high performance computing cluster, Savio, and the Secure Research Data and Compute (SRDC) platform offer storage options if these fit your workflows. Our partners in Berkeley IT manage additional campus supported storage solutions including:

Additionally, the California Digital Library (CDL) manages the Merritt repository, which is a digital preservation system. If you have questions about use of any of these platforms in the course of your research, we are here to help.