Digital Asset Management

All researchers have digital files that they produce and take care of as part of their research, but some groups have more formal needs to manage those assets in a comprehensive way. Digital Asset Management is a formal set of activities associated with the creation, cataloguing, storing, retrieving and backing up of these (digital) assets:
  • File management
  • Metadata management
  • Workflow
  • Policy tracking and enforcement
  • Access
A Digital Asset Management System (or DAMS) is a software system that is used by organizations like libraries, museums, and even marketing teams that need an end-to-end system to manage their digital assets.  Such a system can help address the following challenges:
  • The value of digital assets is growing.
  • The quantity of digital assets is growing.
  • Policies and access rights need to be enforced.
  • Many organizations are increasingly using images for multiple purposes (exhibitions, web sites, calendars, and email campaigns)
  • Specialists in such areas have different needs.
  • Digital asset consumers (you and me) need help finding the right version of files.

Research data lifecycle: