Data Transfer

As they move their data from acquisition device to storage, and between storage and computing environments, researchers seek out guidance on data transfer tools, techniques and tips. How can I create an archive of the data accumulating on my lab computers? Push large volumes to the cloud? Run analysis on it from there? What about my secure data?  

Beyond activities done in the course of every-day work, researchers also need help moving data between institutions, or sharing it with a colleague in a different country.

Data transfer tools range from user-friendly to geeky. Depending on the scale of the data and one's technical comfort level, the "best" approach might entail a desktop application, a command-line client, an API-based software development kit, or a software-defined network. 

Research Data Management has worked with labs to devise successful workflows, and with research teams to shepherd data gathered in the field. We're working with researchers and facilities to identify and architect improvements in the flow of data between imaging instruments and high-performance analytic systems. We've helped new faculty and postdocs to bring data from their previous universities, and we can help them take it as they progress in their careers.

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Research data lifecycle: