Savio HPC Condo Storage


Free to UC users
Pay per use

Cost details: 

$7K for 25 TB, for 5 years ($59/TB/yr), 25 TB minimum purchase

Data protection levels: 

Local support: 

Yes, local support available for questions and technical problems

Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) offers a Condo Storage service for researchers who are Savio Condo Cluster contributors and need additional persistent storage to hold their data sets while using the Savio cluster. P2/P3 data requires separate arrangements. Please contact Berkeley Research Computing to consult. 

Best suited for: 

Users or research groups that need to import, work on, and store large data sets to support their use of Savio

Not well suited for: 

Users whose computation includes heavy I/O; these users should stage data on the parallel filesystem.

Research data lifecycle: