A Guide to Reproducible Research

Reproducibility graphic

Reproducibility is the process of repeating analyses or experiments to confirm results, and is an essential component of the scientific process. As data and computation have become increasingly more sophisticated, reprodicibility is even more important because algorithmic research is often impossible to verify manually or intuitively. 


How, Where, and What to Publish: UC Berkeley Scholarly Publishing Symposium

Hear from scholarly journal and book publishers Elsevier, Springer-Nature, PLOS, UC Press, and more during a half-day symposium in which editors cover all aspects of how, where, and what to publish. Panel presentations and discussions will include: Intro to Scholarly Publishing, Trends in Open Scholarship, and Publishing Your Data. 

Could I re-research my first research?

Last week, one of my teammates, at Old Dominion University, contacted me and asked if she could apply some of the techniques I adopted in the first paper I published during my Ph.D. She asked about the data and any scripts I had used to pre-process the data and implement the analysis. I directed her to where the data was saved along with a detailed explanation of the structure of the directories.


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