Box service described as transformational by Professor Andrew Szeri

Andrew Szeri

At the OneIT Summit, Professor Andrew Szeri of Mechanical Engineering was asked to highlight how information technology can help faculty at UC Berkeley. In response, Andrew described himself as the "world's greatest living proponent of Box". Elaborating further, Andrew said: It has absolutely transformed the way we do research in my group. We swap giant data sets through Box. We organize all the different versions of research papers and so forth that we're working on... The search capabilities in Box are so terrific." New features and capabilities are being added regularly to Box. For instance, research groups can set up folders that are owned by a persistent group or departmental accounts (called a Special Purpose Accounts or SPA). This addresses several shortcomings of other systems, including the risk that content might disappears when a team member leaves the group. More information about setting up research group sites in Box is available on the RDM Guide. In addition, the bConnected team recently announced that Box offers unlimited storage to UC Berkeley users. With Box's other strong features, this makes Box a very compelling platform for research data management. Contact RDM Consultants [link] with your questions about Box and other research data management needs. More information about Professor Szeri's research group is available on the Szeri Lab website. More information about Box is available on the bConnected web site and in the RDM Guide.