Finding data


Qualtrics is a powerful, full-featured web-based platform for creating, sharing and conducting online surveys. Berkeley provides access to all basic features of this software to all campus members. Several schools and departments maintain their own Qualtrics "brands", and the school-based/departmental brands may offer additional modules and features tailored to that discipline, above and beyond what is included in the UC Berkeley-wide instance. 

Finding Data


General Tips

  • Always keep your research question in mind; this will help you determine the relevance of any data you find
  • Consider if you need complete data or if a sample would suffice
  • Do you need data at a point in time, or trend/time series data? current, or historical?
  • Are there variables that are crital, and others that are ideal?
    What is your desired data unit of analysis? Humans? Industries? Specimens? Genetic information?
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