Data preservation and repositories


Dryad is an open-source, research data curation and publication platform. UC Berkeley is a proud partner of Dryad and offers Dryad as a free service for all UC Berkeley researchers to publish and archive their data. Datasets published in Dryad receive a citation and can be versioned at any time. Dryad is integrated with hundreds of journals and is an easy way to find and publish data as well as comply with funder and publisher mandates.

Data Preservation and Archiving

There are three primary stakeholders in the data archiving process - content creators (researchers producing data), information-seekers (users trying to access data), and data curators (the people stewarding data and brokering data exchange). These stakeholders often have competing interests. Content creators typically want to deposit data quickly, without migrating datasets, writing new documentation, or providing additional information. Information-seekers typically want to access data immediately, in a widely-used format, with ample documentation.

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