Data Management Planning

DMPTool and RDM consultants support humanities grant submission

When preparing a proposal to a funding agency, researchers focus on the grant narrative, framing their work in the most innovative and compelling way possible. Crafting a narrative that can stand as a surrogate for a scholar’s research for reviewers to evaluate is itself a time-consuming process; for the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Digital Humanities grants, it’s only one of nine components of the application.


The DMPTool is an online service for building data management plans with step-by-step instructions and guidance for meeting specific funding agency requirements. The tool originated out of the California Digital Library along with 7 other partner institutions that wanted to provide in depth guidance in response to federal funders requiring data management plans. The DMPTool is free for UC-Berkeley faculty, students, staff, and researchers to use, and is frequently updated as new funders mandate data management plans and as directorates change.

Data Management Plans

A data management plan is a document that describes how you will care for data over the course of the research lifecycle. Many federal and non-profit granting agencies require that you write and include a data management plan in your grant proposal. Writing a data management plan enables the researcher to think about data from a holistic perspective, by thinking about questions and scenarios before they arise. 

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