Welcoming Amy Neeser, RDM Program Manager

Research IT and the Library are happy to welcome Amy Neeser to UCB as our new Research Data Management Program Manager. Amy joins UCB from the University of Michigan where she was the Research Data Curation Librarian. Amy has a joint appointment with the Library and Research IT and has desks in the library Data Lab (Doe 189) and Warren Hall.

As Program Manager, Amy will coordinate the day-to-day running of the RDM program and will participate in the program's diverse set of activities. Her primary responsibility will be to align the program's activities in order to achieve the goal of helping UC Berkeley researchers and the campus address the many challenges and opportunities associated with research data.  

UC Berkeley's RDM Program is unique in a number of ways. First, the program's intentionally broad definition of research data encompasses the digital inputs and products of nearly every kind of research conducted on campus. An additional important characteristic of the RDM Program at UCB is the very strong partnership between Research IT and the Library that provides a foundation for campus-wide collaboration. Given the diverse challenges faced by researchers, this collaborative approach is the only path forward.

Amy's experience and perspective make her the ideal program manager for UC Berkeley at this time, and she has already demonstrated that the UC Berkeley research community will see a very significant contribution from her.

Please contact the RDM Program by sending email to researchdata@berkeley.edu.