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bDrive is a collaborative authoring platform where you can store files and collaborate with collaborators. It is an enterprise version of Google Drive, which means that it is used under an agreement approved by UC Regents. UC does not accept the vendor's requirement that we waive their liability, making bDrive more secure that your personal Google Drive. bDrive is available to all current faculty, staff and students, and comes with free, unlimited storage.

Key features:


A cloud-hosted platform that allows researchers to store and share documents, photos, research materials and other files for collaboration. Box allows users to simultaneously edit Microsoft Office documents.

Key features include:

  • 50GB storage cap for individuals
  • 500GB storage cap for Special Purpose Accounts¬†(SPAs)
  • 15 GB maximum file size
  • Share outside UCB
  • Some additional role capabilities
  • Collaborative editing using Microsoft Office Online
  • Some FTPS limitations for very large transfers


CalShare is a tool for creating and managing web sites for collaboration purposes. You can easily create and share sites, documents, images, lists, discussions and surveys. CalShare is also approved by the Campus Information Security and Privacy Committee as an appropriate storage location for sensitive or restricted data (i.e., P4 data). CalShare is run as a recharge service for departments. CalShare includes: Project/site dashboard Integrates well with Microsoft Office, OneDrive for Business Off-site disaster recovery

Limitations include:

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