UC Berkeley's Research Data Management program is a collaborative campus-wide initiative led jointly by Research IT and the Library to help researchers manage their research data. With our partner network across campus, we offer a discipline-agnostic service that supports researchers as they find, generate, store, share, and archive their data. PLAN - STORE & COLLABORATE - PRESERVE & SHARE The main components of our research data management (RDM) service are:

  • Consulting: Dedicated experts with access to an active partner network
  • RDM Guide: An online resource pulling together existing services and best practices
  • Workshops and training: Designed to address the needs of researchers in different disciplines and at different points in their career, including students
  • Researcher engagement and needs assessment: Help us identify where there are unmet needs

To learn more, watch Chris Hoffman discuss the Research Data Management program at the Research IT Town Hall:

Contact us now: researchdata@berkeley.edu


UC Berkeley's Research Data Management Service is a collaborative campus-wide project led by the UC Berkeley Library and Research IT. Our core team includes experts and leaders from the Library, Research IT, and the California Digital Library. In addition, we have built a network of experts from across campus. Here is a partial list of those partner organizations:

  • D-Lab
    • Architecture, Platforms and Integration (API)
    • Information Security and Policy (ISP)
    • Storage & Backup
    • Networking
  • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
    • Intellectual Property and Industry Research Alliances
    • Sponsored Projects Office
  • Campus Shared Services IT
  • Berkeley Institute of Data Science