Sample Data Management Plans

Although each data management plan will be unique, many will follow some common patterns, at least within a discipline. The structure of a data management plan (DMP) is usually specified by the funding agency that requests or requires it. The RDM Service Guide includes a set of sample DMPs -- some are actual plans submitted with grant proposals; others are hypothetical examples that feature UCB-specific language. Find them below. Example data management plans are also available from other institutions and organizations (e.g., UC San Diego, Rice University, DataONE, ICPSR, NIH).

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Case Study: Data Management Plan for NEH Preservation & Access program


In 2014, a small team of collaborators applied to the NEH Preservation & Access program for funding to support the encoding of less commonly used and ancient languages for inclusion the in the Unicode standard. (the Unicode standard is an international standard for representing writing in computer systems.) The work is being coordinated by a researcher at Berkeley and involves collaboration (via the internet) with researchers around the world.


NSF Generic Data Management Plan

This example Data Management Plan provides an obviously hypothetical research project submitted to the National Science Foundation. It responds to the information requested by the NSF programs that support the generic data management plan format. This was completed using the DMPTool.

Types of data produced
In this project, three primary types of data will used and produced.