Migrating half a million Hearst Museum images to Box

The Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology (PAHMA) recently found itself with over half a million digital catalog card images that are in active use, but needed to be duplicated in order to preserve them in a redundant, reliable archive. Copying a few hundred, or even a few thousand files is a relatively straightforward task. Assuring that 527,000 files are successfully copied in a reasonable period of time, without requiring constant attention, is trickier. Research IT worked with PAHMA’s Dr.

Research Data Management Workshop provides RDM forum and training for Librarians, Campus Shared Services-IT, and Research IT

On December 18, 2015, the Research Data Management program held a workshop that was attended by thirty staff from the Library, Campus Shared Services-IT, and Research IT.  The workshop’s purpose was to discuss the research data management challenges these consultants are addressing, and to provide training on tools that can be used throughout the research data lifecycle.

Open Access: Reclaiming Scholarship for the Academy

The Librarians Association of the University of California, Berkeley (LAUC-B) held a conference on October 16, 2015 entitled “Open Access: Reclaiming Scholarship for the Academy.” In recognition of Berkeley’s adoption of the UC Open Access policy and Open Access Week, the conference featured keynotes, panels, and posters exploring the implementation of open access policies. Keynotes were delivered by Michael Eisen and Randy Schekman, both UC Berkeley faculty members and longtime open access advocates.


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